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older adulthood

Sustaining health, building continuity

Autistic adults and their caregivers enter their later years with a special set of circumstances. Assuring good, long-term care and smooth transitions are difficult to even think about, much less plan for.

Later life planning creates opportunities and challenges for autistic adults and caregivers

A smooth transition of care care is essential for older adults and the next generation of caregivers.

We've assembled some good advice to make it easier for everyone.

Planning for transitions of care

Getting advice and strengthening connections to the next generation of caregivers, inside or outside the family unit.

Everyone Needs a Health Care Proxy

It's important to have a health care proxy at any time of life.

Everyone Needs a Healthcare Proxy

Medicare for Older Adults

People approaching age 65 need to prepare for insurance changes.

manageable moments

Some common that often affect older adults

Common Conditions

Sleep Problems

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Hands of a young woman's hands picking at her fingernails nervously
Common Conditions

Anxiety & Depression

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Doctor with hand illustrating how autistic people might touch their throat when suffering from acid reflux
Common Conditions

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and Acid Reflux

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Common Conditions

Migraine Headaches

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the long view

Dr. James Bath on the importance of preventive health screenings

Autistic adults are less likely to seek regular preventive care. Dr. Bath offers advice to patients and clinicians alike.

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Autism and Grief

Autistic people often have unique approaches to the milestones in life. There are many ways to help them prepare for and process loss.

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Good advice

Lived Experience: self care for caregivers

Communicating with providers about the needs of the whole family isn't always easy, but it's necessary.

Parent to two autistic adults, Maura Sullivan shares her experience.

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