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Useful Information about Preventive Care

Regular screening are key to better health across the lifespan

This downloadable and printable Autism Preventive Health Table was developed as part of the Harvard Medical School’s course, Clinical Care for Autistic Adults. It lists baseline preventive health care screenings and immunizations for autistic adults. The intended audience is primary care physicians but feel free to use as a reference and to share with your PCPs or other providers. Key points for caregivers and self-advocates to note:

Schedule all annual exams well in advance so that the appointment happens at a time of year and time of day that works best for the patient/family.

If possible, gather information about health conditions that can run in families such as heart problems, cancer, diabetes, depression, and addiction. This information can help identify the most important screenings and how often they should be done.


A guide to share with providers for preventive health care

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Dr. James Bath, a primary care physician for autistic adults at the MGH Lurie Center for Autism, discusses the importance of preventive care as key to a long, healthy life:

Dr. James Bath, Adult Primary Care Physician at the MGH Lurie Center for Autism