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AAHR Health Care Toolkit

Guiding caregivers and autistic adults through health care resources and information across the lifespan.

There are many critical junctures in the lifespan of an autistic adult. We've assembled information and resources about how to find and advocate for good care.


Navigating the health care system with autism

We're here to guide you through some of the common health care challenges for autistic adults.

Autism-Competent Health Care

Why do we call it “autism-competent health care” instead of “autism-friendly health care?” Because medical providers can be friendly but not understand the best way to treat autistic patients. It’s an education issue, not an attitude issue.

Making appointments, getting to the office, and navigating through the steps of an office visit can all prove challenging. AAHR provides help on all of these fronts and more.

Reaching hands

Start learning about the many ways to access and advocate for good care.

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Manageable Moments

Practical tools for better health care experiences

Care Transitions

Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care

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Communication Strategies
Staying Healthy

Dietary Plan Tool for Schools and Day Programs

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Care Transitions

Finding Autism-Competent Health Care

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Caregiver Guidance
Communication Strategies

Planning for Medical Emergencies

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across the lifespan

Transition Points in Life

Every time of life has its touchpoints that require changes in care and relationships. We identify some of the issues that may matter to autistic adults at three major phases of life.

Young Adults

Young adults transitioning from school environments may need support as they change clinicians, move to adult service providers, and adjust to family changes. On the to-do list:

  • Find an autism-competent clinician

  • Learn about key health care decisions

  • Plan for insurance transitions at 26

Learn more about young adult transitions

Midlife Adults

Adults entering midlife have different health concerns and life transitions, including:

  • Planning to transition care for an autistic adult to new caregivers

  • Changes in gender-specific care

  • Updating the Circle of Care

  • Getting and autism diagnosis as an adult

Learn more about midlife transitions

Older Adults

Older adults and their caregivers have their own unique concerns:

  • Common health conditions in older people

  • Assisted living options and accommodations

  • Health insurance changes at age 65

  • What happens when caregivers can no longer provide care

Learn more about older adult transitions

know the options

Types of adult health care providers and facilities

Knowing where to go and which type of medical professional provides each kind of care can ease transitions

Primary Care Providers

Learn about the kinds of primary care providers and what services each of them provides, such as ordering tests, making referrals, and writing prescriptions.

Learn more about who does what

Types of Primary Care Providers


Useful information sorted by topic.

Caregiver Guidance

Information and tools for getting support, advocating and staying organized.

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Common Conditions

Get expert advice on the health issues common in autistic people.

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Information and links to help navigate insurance.

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